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Do you about these natural ways of cleansing the kidneys?


Posted on : 11/Jul/2019 10:27:57

Kidneys are as important as our brain, heart, lungs etc. Any issue in our kidneys could make our lives very difficult and finally could even lead to death. The bean shaped kidneys are located in the abdomen and they play a huge role in flushing out the toxins through urine. Important information is kidneys work with other organs in us to regulate blood pressure, to increase the RBCs in us and in the synthesis of vitamin D. Kidneys when exposed to the toxins could lead to poor kidney function or kidney infection. The important point is kidney detox plays an important role in the maintenance of proper functioning of kidneys.

By these natural ways we could cleanse our kidneys well.

Dandelion root:

The point to be noted is dandelion root does amazingly in cleansing both kidneys and liver by removal of waste from the body. There would be proper functioning of our kidneys by means of dandelion root as they flush out the toxins and purifies blood.

Intake of cherries and cranberries:

The cherries and cranberries could be added to our diet by many ways. It is believed that daily intake of cherries and cranberries for 2 weeks could reduce the UTI symptoms. They could be consumed in dry or in fresh form. These are effective in cleansing our kidneys.

Intake of uva ursi or bearberry:

The astringent properties of uva ursi/ bearberry could help the harmful bacteria as well as harmful toxins to pass out of kidneys. It is superb to consume this herbal tea or it could be taken in the form of supplements also for the cleansing of our kidneys.

Parsley intake:

Parsley belongs to the family Apiaceae and is mostly found in places like Spain, Portugal, Greece etc. It is also known as garden parsley. An antioxidant named Luteolin is present in parsley and it helps in flushing out of toxins. Parsley could be consumed either as tea or by adding to the salad.

Intake of juices of lemon/orange etc:

It is said that maintaining of kidney health as well as cleansing of kidneys are possible by intake of juices of lemon/orange etc. The presence of citric acid in these juices prevents the formation of kidney stones.

Intake of spinach:

Not many are aware that intake of green leafy vegetables could be superb for the health of the kidneys. The detoxifying of kidneys takes place by the antioxidants and vitamins present in spinach.