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Acuheal : What are the dos and donts while getting treated for infertility


Posted on : 24/Jun/2019 12:35:17


 *Dos` and Don`ts* 
1. Avoid genetically modified fruits and vegetables as a general rule.  Also avoid fruits like seedless grapes etc as they contain no seeds or even if found  they are smaller than normal size, less in numbers and are not capable of reproducing its kind.  Be a vegetarian  or non-vegetarian, one has to consume food which are capable of reproduction by itself. 

2. Broiler chicken and broiler eggs are to be avoided for the same above-mentioned reasons

3. Avoid hot foods like papaya mango, chicken, dry fish, brinjal, pineapple,  etc but raw mangoes may be had in small quantities after pregnancy only,  which will help you to combat nausea and vomiting.

4. Recommended fruits are figs, pomegranate, grapes (after washing the fruits in water containing lemon juice and baking soda), watermelon etc. Dry fruits like raisins and almonds (soaked overnight and peeled), and garlic and onions are also good for you.

5.Make a habit to sit in full squat position.  Sitting in squat helps to reduce fats around the waist and subsequently it aids in the prevention of PCOS as you know obese women are prone to get PCOS.  This can be practiced while watching TV or texting on a mobile phone.  Women of this generation find less opportunities to squat on the floor during their daily except during their exercise hours. But think about those days before modernisation when women used to sit on the floor while cooking as the stove used to be placed  on the floor level.

6. Sleep before 10 pm and wake up at 6 am.   Moderate exercising is a must.  Recommended natural  foods to be consumed .

7. Keep your mind blank or keep it positive when you are attempting an IVF .  To get a positive gut feeling you can keep thinking about your happy days in your childhood, the wonderful time spent with your dad, with your mom, brother, sister, friends,  etc.  On the contrary, fear,anger and negativity and thoughts like " if this time it doesn`t happen, I am done" and such will affect the gut feelings and will drain you down to negativity. 

Taking Acupuncture session before and during the cycle of IVF procedure have double the chances of getting positive results.

Any treatment will give complete results if both mind and body work synchronously towards healing and positivity.


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