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How important it is for us to consume cucumber juice?


Posted on : 19/Jun/2019 10:30:06

How many of us are aware of the truth that amongst all the vegetables cucumber has the lowest calories? Also called as Cucumis Sativus, cucumber is widely cultivated plant and it belongs to the gourd family. It must be noted that cucumber is of 3 main types like slicing, pickling and seedless. In Tamil language cucumber is called as ‘Vellari’ is known.

It is now revealed that within these 3 above mentioned types, many cultivars have been produced. Cucumbers have vitamins like A, C and K in them plus minerals like potassium, copper, magnesium, calcium etc. Cucumber could be consumed as juice as it provides us superb health benefits.

Health benefits of consuming cucumber juice are

Removes toxins from our body:
It is believed that drinking cucumber juice helps in the removal of toxins from our body. The high water content in cucumber is responsible for this. For those affected with kidney stones, intake of this juice would be remarkable.

Prevents osteoporosis:
One major issue that affects many elder people is osteoporosis issue. Our bone health would be boosted by the intake of this juice having minerals like calcium, potassium, copper etc. Bone mineral density could be improved by regular intake of cucumber juice.

Manages hormone levels in us:
Our hormone level gets managed well by the consumption of cucumber juice rich in calcium. The point is malfunctioning of our thyroid as well as pituitary glands could be avoided.

Good for nervous system:
It is important to note that by the intake of cucumber juice the nervous system gets strengthened and here calcium present in the cucumber functions as the electrolyte.

Good for vision:
Vision is very essential for us as it helps our daily lives to go smoothly. Our vision gets protected by the presence of vitamin A and due to other antioxidants in cucumber juice.