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Are you aware of these health benefits of Capsicum intake?


Posted on : 13/Jun/2019 10:08:30

How many of us like eating capsicum?

In Tamil capsicum is called as ‘Milaka’, in Telugu it is ‘Mirapakay’ and in Hindi it is ‘Shimala Mirch’. Capsicum is known as ‘Capsicum Annum’ scientifically. Other names given to capsicums are bell peppers, cayenne etc is well known. They belong to the family called ‘Solanaceae’ and it is an important ingredient in many dishes. Many of us would have known that the phyto chemical ‘Capsaicin’ in capsicum is responsible for spicy taste but not many would know that consumption of capsicum could provide us few health benefits. There are ingredients like flavonoids, vitamins A, C and E plus others like zinc, cobalt, copper, molybdenum, potassium and manganese in capsicum and these provide superb health benefits..

Some health benefits of capsicum intake are                              

Metabolism gets boosted:

One important health benefit of consuming capsicum is our metabolism gets boosted as triglycerides get lowered. By this, burning of calories and keeping cholesterol in control is possible. Issues like indigestion is avoided as digestive juices are secreted.

Cancer is avoided:

It is believed that by preventing carcinogens from binding with DNA, issue of cancer could be treated. Here starving of cancer cells takes place and finally the cells die. Regular consumption of capsicum is recommended.

Superb pain reliever:

We all want to be free from pain that causes huge discomfort for us. It is revealed that the transmission of pain from the skin to the spinal cord gets blocked by the compound capsaicin in capsicum. Treatment for neuralgia and for the pain associated with post operative amputation trauma etc is possible.

 Immune system gets better:

The presence of vitamin C in capsicum stimulates white cells to fight infections. By this, our body’s immune system gets the much needed strength.

Respiratory issues avoided:

Many of us these days get affected by respiratory issues like lung infections, asthma, emphysema etc. It is said that flavonoids and vitamin C in capsicum does tremendously in preventing the above said issues.

Good for heart health:

The coronary heart disease is prevented in us by the inintake of capsicum having flavonoids. Hypotension and decreased heart rate is bettered by consuming capsicum.