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Men, please be careful if you come across these early signs of cancer


Posted on : 11/Jun/2019 10:08:22

If the symptoms/signs of disease are known before itself, then it would be easy to treat the disease. In case of cancer, sometimes the symptoms would not be known until the cancer has reached the advanced stage. Hence providing treatment and saving the person would be very difficult.

It must be noted that from 10th June to 16th June, International Mens Health week is observed and on this occasion this article about Some early signs of cancer in men would be informative and useful.

These below mentioned early signs of cancer must be taken seriously by the men.

Changes in bowel:

Sometimes there might be occasional irregularities in the bowel movements and that is normal and there is nothing to worry about. If it happens regularly, then it must be taken seriously. The shocking information is changes in bowel habits could indicate colon or rectal cancer. It is better to consult the doctor and make sure that it is not a serious issue.

Urinary issues:

Men get affected by prostate cancer is well known. It is now said that any change in the urinary habits must be given huge importance.  It is natural that we might consider them as UTI. The important information is urinary leak, inability to urinate despite the urge to pass urine, delayed urination etc could be early signs of prostate cancer.

Lumps in testicles:

It is revealed that when compared to prostate cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer in men, testicular cancer is not common. Any lump in the testicles must be checked immediately.

Presence of back pain:

Not many know that back pain could be an early sign of prostate cancer in men.  It is normal to associate this back pain with lack of exercising, sitting in a place for long etc. It is believed that prostate cancer could spread to bones and create severe pain in hip and lower back.

Rectal bleeding:

We might think rectal bleeding could be due to iron deficiency or anaemia but it could also indicate cancer. In addition to this, blood in the stools could be another sign of cancer. The doctor must be consulted immediately when this happens.