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Are you 18+ and short in height, please follow these to become tall


Posted on : 08/Jun/2019 10:54:14

Everybody wants to be tall but that is not possible. Many factors like genetics, nutrition quality etc play a role in making a person tall or short.  It must be taken into account that the growth hormones in pituitary glands play a major role in the bone growth, body composition and in the metabolism etc. It is believed that when a person reaches 18 years of age then he would have got his maximum height.

There are few tips that could help us to gain more inches even after crossing 18 years. These are

Doing hanging exercises:

In our childhood most of us would have been made to hang down from a monkey bar and we would have felt bored at that time. The main advantage of this is it would build up our back muscles that reduce compression of spine throughout the day. Posture would be kept better and the spine would be upright. In the end we would be able to gain few inches in height.

Performing yoga:

Doing yoga, apart from making us calm and relaxed could also strengthen our back. This strengthening of back is very important and it plays a huge role in gaining few inches even after crossing 18 years of age. There are several yoga poses like cobra pose, mountain pose etc and these could be superb for us. These yoga poses would keep our back straight and head high and finally help in the increase of our height by one or 2 inches.

Intake of substances to be avoided:

If you want to grow tall then it is a must that you must avoid certain substances like tobacco, alcohol etc. It is said that our blood and nutrient flow gets hampered by the use of these substances. In the end, the growth of the person gets affected.

Intake of certain foods:

There are few foods that have the height boosting capacities in them. Foods like Indian ginseng and milk are few examples. Our skeleton gets nourished when we consume Ashwagandha or Indian ginseng loaded with many nutrients. Likewise intake of milk could make our bones strong and healthy and help us to grow few inches.