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Why saffron intake is very important for us?


Posted on : 07/Jun/2019 09:46:45

Do you know the name of the most expensive spice in the world? The answer is saffron and it is due to its labour intensive harvesting method, saffron is expensive. It must be noted that saffron is a spice that is derived from saffron rose which is a perennial plant. It is sensational that this saffron has been present for around 1000 years and is used in making many dishes plus also as medicine. Saffron has got many ingredients like fat, carbohydrates, protein, dietary fibres, vitamins like A, C, B6. There are also various minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium etc present in saffron.

These are the several benefits of saffron.

Prevents macular degeneration:

Elderly people could get macular degeneration issue due to degenerating cells in macula. It is said that crocetin in saffron could prevent cell damage and delay age related decline to the cells belonging to eyes.

Good for respiratory health:

Cough as well as cold gets cured by saffron. Phlegm from the lungs and throat gets loosened by saffron that plays the role as an expectorant. It is important to mention that asthma issues are prevented by saffron as the respiratory tract narrowing is avoided.

Superb for sexual vitality:

In older males too, saffron could increase the sexual vitality. It must e noted that saffron helps in erectile dysfunction, prevent infertility, premature ejaculation etc. Not many know that saffron is a powerful aphrodisiac for females.

Pain reliever:

Safranal present in saffron could act as sedative and cures pain in our teeth etc. The presence of both sedative and antiseptic properties in saffron makes it ideal for the teething babies and for those who need to improve their sleeping patterns.

Good for heart health:

The superb information is the presence of potassium in saffron could help in the heart health as issues like atherosclerosis, stokes, heart attacks are prevented. Dilation of arteries and blood vessels takes place due to potassium and BP gets decreased.  The presence of compound called crocetin in saffron could regulate our cholesterol levels. Hence saffron is a superb spice for our heart health.