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How to lose weight with time restricted eating?


Posted on : 25/May/2019 10:30:13

There are a lot of diet plans out there to help in weight reduction and build muscles. Day by day, the number of diet plans are increasing. There are new diet and weight reduction ways coming up day by day. And most of this throw focus on what to eat and what not to eat. Let us check out the same in an all different dimension. The time-restricted eating. What is it?

Time restricted eating or intermittent fasting is a very popular term in weight loss these days. It is a form of diet plan where you do not focus on your meal type, but only about the time you eat. This diet will not restrict you in your calorie intake or carbohydrate consumption, but there is strict restriction imposed on when you eat. Those who practice intermittent fasting will be allowed to eat only during specific hours in a day and for the rest of the hours, they need to go on fasting.

Each and every day, your food intake should be only during specific hours of the day. This period of eating is called eating window. This time can be any hour of the day, but the same time should be continuously followed throughout the journey.

In general, the eating window can be of 8 hours. Assume that you fix the 8 hours as the time between 9 am and 5 pm, you should not eat during the remaining 16 hours of the day which is called the fasting period.

Eating window - 9 am to 5 pm

Fasting window - 5.01 pm to 8.59 am

Generally, the eating window is of 6 to 12 hours based on individual preferences. During the fasting period, it is not necessary that people should starve. Rather, one can drink water and beverages that contain zero calories. One can be hydrated, and need not starve.

By practicing intermittent fasting, there is no need to reduce the calorie intake which is commonly practiced among all the diet plans. This diet practice will help you quit the late night snacking period which is the main cause for drastic gaining weight.

How does time-restricted eating aid weight loss ?
You can reduce weight by restricting the period of eating than restricting the foods you eat. Generally, people crave for midnight snacks and experience drastic diet failures because of the same. There are a number of studies that have explored the different diet plans and its helpfulness in reducing weight. Most of these studies predominantly state that the habit of overeating is the culprit cause hindering weight loss. In general, people keep eating throughout the day at random hours. So, as we restrict the eating hours, one can avoid a lot of unhealthy consumption of snacks and food items in a day.

Time restricted eating for women :
Stutudies on women - A research conducted to study the helpfulness of time restricted eating in women who have crossed their menopausal phase claims that it helps in achieving healthy weight loss and promotes overall improvement in health.

Studies on mice - There was one more study where the weight loss pattern in mice was studied after intermittent fasting. The study discovered that fasting helped in improving overall metabolic fitness. There was yet another study conducted on humans where it is found that fasting helps in reducing the calorie intake and significantly reduce weight.

Studies on men - there were studies also conducted on men where a very positive result was observed. By practicing intermittent fasting, there is about 20 percent lesser calorie intake in a day.

The verdict - ultimately, all these studies clearly state that time-restricted eating helps in overall weight loss. There are also contradictory cases in such researches where it is said that there is only limited calorie intake and not any benefit with weight reduction.

A few tips for the best fasting :
Of course, time-restricted eating is the easiest trick to losing weight. For this, there is no need for spending any money in extra or you also do not need any equipment or supplementary foods. Here are a few quick tips to adopt the best intermittent fasting in your day to day weight loss journey:

Start in steps - let your fasting period be very short in the initial stages and eventually you can increase the same. to start with, go for 12 hours of fasting followed by 13, 14, 15 and then 16 hours of fasting.

Medium levels of exercise - as you are going to fast for long hours, it is good that you practice exercise during the fasting period. And make sure to exercise in medium levels and not too much.

More fibre and protein intake - to start with, it may be difficult for fasting for long hours. Hence, consuming foods with high protein or fibre content will help you withstand the fasting period.

The downside of time-restricted eating :
A few people may find it tough to follow time-restricted eating pattern. There are not many other benefits of intermittent fasting though. In fact, people tend to overeat when they are in their eating window. Furthermore, your body may start feeling tired and fatigue when you fast. The body will also be prone to irritability.

The verdict :
Time-restricted eating helps in controlling your overall food intake. Thus it naturally helps in reducing weight by taking out the extra fat content from the body. This eating habit is howeverer not recommended for everyone. Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, people who are under diabetes medication, blood pressure medication, etc. cannot practice the diet.

People who do not suffer from any disease in specific and not under medication can easily take up this practice as it does not have any prerequisite to start. Keep in mind that your eating window should be rich in protein and fibre content and do not take the liberty of eating too much during the period. Effective mind control to fast during the fasting period will help you practice the practice sustainably.