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Why some people prefer to consume organic foods?


Posted on : 23/May/2019 10:13:57

People these days have become highly fitness conscious is known fact. Many magazines and advertisements portraying the famous personalities in slim waistlines have also been responsible for health conscious of the people to increase. Intake of food plays a huge role in keeping our body healthy and fit. The term Organic food has been used by many these days. .

It is important to mention that organic foods refer to the way farmers grow and process agricultural products like fruits, vegetables, grains,, dairy products etc without the application of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Organic foods have many health benefits and these are

Good for cardiovascular health :
The level of CLA or Conjugate Linoleic Acid increases when the cattle graze on the grass for longer time. This is good for the heart and plays a huge role in contributing to our good cardiovascular health.

No medical disorders :
It must be noted that organic foods do not have any pesticide that could result in medical disorders. Therefore intake of organic foods is superb for our health.

No artificial colours or flavours :
A fruit like apple get pumped up with artificial colours and flavours with an injection of hydrogenated fats to make it look tempting. As a result of this, when we bite the apple it isnt so flavourful. The fruits that are grown by organic methods do not use these methods.

Amazing antioxidant capacity :
The higher concentration of antioxidants in organic fruits and vegetables etc are very important and by this there would be reduced risk of getting neuro degenerative diseases, cancers etc in us.

Improved taste :
Preservative are not added in organic foods and hence the taste would be more superior. It must be taken into account that organic foods is produced in smaller farms and sold fresh. Organic foods do not involve freezing and shipping and these factors also contribute to better taste.