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Hot water vs cold water. Which is ideal for consumption?


Posted on : 21/May/2019 16:52:08

There is no denying to the fact that our body inevitably needs water! Our body is made up of over 70% water. Water stands completely responsible of almost all the bodily functions of different organs. In addition, it helps in blood circulation around the body and takes the nutrients from food to various tissues and body organs all over.

The question is not whether our body requires water or not, but what type of water: hot or cold? A lot of people assume that warm water is good for health. Do you have proof? Is it proven by research?

A few nutritionists claim that warm water aids the process of digestion. Well, shall we discuss a bit about cold water? Cold water helps in combating with heat stroke. Hot water is ideal for consumption at a few times and cold water at few other times. What are they? There is not much difference in terms of nutritional benefits out of hot or cold water, as it basically has zero calorie.

Why is warm water necessary for our body?

Throat infection - Warm water aids in relieving bodily pains. It helps when we experienced swollen throat as it gives temporary relief. Warm water is also helpful when people experience throat irritation or dry throat. At times when you wake up with dry throat, warm water will be very useful as you cannot swallow anything else.

Better blood circulation your circulatory system will pump blood better. As you drink water of considerably high temperature, there will be better blood flow to all the cells.

Better bowel movement warm water can be consumed in empty stomach so as to improve overall digestion. Also the nutrients out of food you consume are better absorbed by drinking hot water.

Improves weight loss you can achieve better weight loss by consuming warm water. It promotes appetite reduction and brings down body mass index and overall weight.

Better digestion as per ancient Chinese medicines and Ayurveda medical practices, consuming warm water early in the empty stomach, your digestive system will get activated and it will reduce the likeliness of indigestion of any food. Further, it also prevents constipation and encourages the intestine through better blood flow.

Aids in detoxifying add just half a lime slice to hot water and drink it in the early morning to obtain all of its detoxifying benefits. It brings down pitta and easily treats acne and other kinds of skin related issues.

Helps your nasal cavity when you are experiencing nasal congestion, drinking hot water may help by relieving the same. Warm water is in fact a kind of natural expectorant. It will bring out the phlegm off the body. Also its soothes the d discomfort caused out of cold.

Relieves you from stress hot water aids in managing your stress levels. The hotness of the liquid helps in benefiting the body.

Why say no to hot water?

Hot water gives you the feel of being burned. So always avoid drinking hot water right after your workout session as it may altogether heat up your body.

Also your concentration will get poor by constantly consuming hot water. This is because hot water leads to swelling of brain cells. Also your sleep patterns may be affected by excessive consumption of hot water before bedtime.

Advantages of cold water

Fights heat stroke when you are suffering the excessive heat of sunlight pricking hole on your head and sucking out all the energy you have, you may drink cold water to keep your body cool and combat heat stroke.

Helps in reducing weight yes, cold water also helps in reducing weight. Drinking cold water is beneficial in losing weight. Often times people suffer without being able to lose their belly fat. This can be possible by drinking cold water, as it improves body metabolism and catalyzes fat burning process. So basically, cold water drinking as well as cold water bath are helpful in the process of body weight reduction.

Cool down after workout after your workout session, you may drink a glass full of cold water as our body will increase its internal temperature. So the body heat can be reduced by drinking cold water at such times.

Why refrain from drinking cold water?

Constant consumption of cold water will easily give rise to constricted blood vessels and cause lesser hydration to the body. It will become very tough for the body to digest food. Also cold water will cause formation of mucus along the respiratory system which leads to congestion and throat infection.

Hot vs cold water

Coming on to the pros and cons of drinking hot water and cold water, we arrive at a conclusion that there is no one targeted answer to which of these is ideal for all times. As per what the Ayurveda says, cold water will cause muscle contraction. Health experts recommend hot water as it enhances blood flow and blood circulation and keeps our internal organs preserved.

During summer, it is ideal that you mix the two and relax your body. There are benefits as well as disadvantages of both hot water and cold water. After digestion, it is ideal to drink hot water as it t aids digestion. After workout, it is ideal to drink cold water as it cools down the body. When your body experiences cold with a lot of phlegm accumulation, hot water is recommended. Hence finally, the verdict is that one should choose between the two types of water depending on the time, your body state and heat conditions of the body rather than sticking with one kind of water for all the times. Age factor also plays a very vital role as kids and elderly persons cannot withstands neither too hot nor too cold water.