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The issue of diabetes could be treated in our homes also


Posted on : 18/May/2019 10:02:17

The shocking information is in the year 2017, there were 72 million people in India who were affected with diabetes which is a group of metabolic disorders characterized by high blood sugar levels for a prolonged time period.

Persons affected with diabetes show symptoms like frequent urination, increased thirst, more hunger etc is known. It is important to mention that diabetes takes place when our body fails to produce sufficient amounts of insulin and thereby resulting in increased blood sugar levels. There are 2 types of diabetes like type- 1 and type- 2. In type- 1 diabetes, our body becomes incapable of producing insulin and in type- 2 diabetes our body becomes resistant to insulin.

There are certain home remedies that could be used to treat diabetes in us. These are

Bitter gourd juice intake :
In Ayurveda, intake of bitter gourd juice is recommended to those who have diabetes problem. In the first step, the seeds of bitter gourd are removed and then a blender is used to extract the juice. By consuming this juice, the blood sugar levels would reduce.

Fenugreek water intake :
Fenugreek finds use not only as a kitchen ingredient but also as medicine. In the first step 4 tbsp of fenugreek is soaked overnight and then it is crushed and strained. In the next step remaining water is collected. This water must be consumed daily for a time of 2 months for better results.

Intake of neem leaves :
Though it is not easy to eat neem leaves, the fact is intake of 2 or 3 neem leaves could cure diabetes issues very well by lowering the high blood sugar levels.

Curry leaves :
This is also a superb home remedy to treat the symptoms of diabetes issue in us. It is said that curry leaves reduce the cell death in pancreatic cells and produce insulin our body.