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If not registered by 31st May 2019, hospitals, clinics, labs etc in TN would be closed


Posted on : 18/May/2019 09:55:20

The directorate of medical services has specified that 31st of May 2019 would be the last date for the clinical establishments such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, laboratories, scan centres etc to apply for registration with the state health department under TN Clinical Establishments Act 2018. It is now said that these clinical establishments might be closed if they fail to do so. All clinical establishments, private or public, must register themselves with the government before 31st May and this was as per the new regulations.

It was pointed out that the directorate received just 20,000 applications including 2500 from the city of Chennai against the expected 75,000. Action would be taken against those clinical establishments that have not applied for the registration. This has been confirmed by none other than Dr. Rukmani DMS. She later hinted that according to the law these unregistered clinical establishments could be closed down. It must be taken into account that the directorate has got 3 teams in Chennai to inspect the clinical establishments and recommend them for registrations. In order to accelerate the process of registration, the directorate has now formed 7 more teams.

The important piece of information is each team would have atleast one doctor to verify whether the clinical establishment has got the basic requirements specified in the act. A senior official mentioned about the check list that has been provided to each team and those clinical establishments having all the items in the check list would be given license for a time of 5 years.

The inspections in the districts would be conducted by joint directors of medical services. For the purpose of standardizing the establishments under the allopathic or Indian medicine stream, the new rules were brought in and this was as per the officials of health department. The point is no exemption from the rules has been given inspite of people moving to the court.

It must be noted that the rule specifies floor space requirement, mandates provision for safe drinking water and toilet, stipulates number and qualification of human resources for every health facility.

Atleast 500 sq ft for sample collection, first aid, processing, report presentation must be available for the clinical labs in rural places and it in the urban area the space must be 700 to 1500 sq ft. The information gathered is the labs must ensure that adequate space is provided for reception, sample collection, isolation of bio hazard, radio isotope related works as per Atomic Energy regulatory rules.