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These facts show us why we must consume cucumbers regularly


Posted on : 15/May/2019 09:46:24

Most of us would have known what a cucumber is but how many of us eat cucumbers regularly. Cucumber is called as ‘Vellarikaai’ in Tamil, ‘Kheera’ in Hindi, ‘Dosakaya’ in Telugu etc.

It is worthy to note that cucumber belongs to the family called ‘Cucurbitaceae’ and is widely cultivated plant in gourd family. The cucumbers are crunchy, juicy and fresh delicious to taste is well known. Cucumbers could be consumed by us in many different ways as snacks, adding to salads, or they could be eaten as sandwich etc. It is surprising to mention that cucumber is a fruit and not vegetable.

There are various nutrients found in cucumbers and these are carbohydrates, sugars, water content, folate plus vitamins like C, K. Various minerals present in cucumber are calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium etc.

By consuming cucumber we could get these health benefits.

Reduces stress in us:

These days majority of us have stress is well known. We try many things to overcome stress. It is said that intake of cucumber could provide us a solution in this aspect.  The presence of vitamins like B1, vitamin B5 and vitamin B7 in cucumber relaxes our nervous system and provide relief from stress induced anxiety.

Good for brain health:

The health of the brain gets boosted by the anti-inflammatory flavanoid and this helps in boosting the connectivity of neurons. Finally our cognition gets improved.

Digestion gets improved:

Both water as well as soluble fibre is present in cucumbers. By the intake of cucumbers, our digestive system would be good because acid reflux is avoided in us. The pH levels in the stomach would be lowered.

Good for our Heart:

Regulation of BP is possible by the potassium that is present in cucumber. This potassium helps in taking care of nervous system plus in the muscle contractions and in the cardiac functions etc. The important information is the presence of fibre in cucumber would prevent the build-up of cholesterol in the arteries.

Bowel movement is improved:

There would be regular bowel movements in us when we consume cucumbers regularly without fail. The stool consistency would be improved by the water and fibre content of cucumbers. Our bowel movement frequency would get increased.

Good for kidney health:

The uric acid levels in us would be lowered when we consume cucumbers regularly. Our kidneys are kept in good shape. It is believed that cucumbers could clean our kidneys and could even dissolve small kidney stones.