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Do you have piles issue then try these


Posted on : 13/May/2019 09:50:28

Many of us would have come across adults of age between 45 and 65 in our family complain about bleeding taking place during bowel movements. These adults have inflamed and swollen collections of tissue in their anal area and this is known as piles or haemorrhoids. The piles cause huge discomfort for the person concerned.

Important information is piles occur when the veins present in the anus and rectum become swollen and inflamed. There are several reasons why piles occur in us and these reasons are family history, heavy lifting, food allergies, constipation, pregnancy, obesity etc. It is also revealed that prolonged sitting or standing could result in piles issue in us. The point to be noted is both males and females are equally affected by this piles issue.

Few symptoms that are found in those having this piles problem are blood clots around anus, irritation near the anal region and pain while passing stools and bleeding during bowel movements etc. The piles issue could be treated at our homes also.

These are the home remedies that are effective in treating piles.

By application of aloe vera:

This is one superb method that could be used to treat piles in the homes. Here the anti-inflammatory and therapeutic properties could help reduce irritation and calm down the inflammation due to piles. In the first step aloe vera is taken in our fingers. Then it is applied slowly on the area.

Coconut oil:

Swelling, inflammation, lower pain etc could be treated well with the help of coconut oil having analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. By applying organic virgin coconut oil externally and by consuming it by adding to the diet, we could be treated effectively for piles issue.

Applying witch hazel:

It is known that witch hazel has got tannins plus oils and they play an important role in lowering inflammation and slowing down bleeding that is associated with the haemorrhoids. Further bruising could be reduced by witch hazel having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property. By applying witch hazel directly to the piles our piles could be treated.

By cold compress:

Relief from pain and inflammation could be achieved for larger painful piles and this could be done by applying ice packs on the area directly. In the first step, some ice cubes are taken and wrapped in a towel. In the next step, this towel having ice cubes is applied on the anus directly for a time of 15 minutes. Finally it is washed off.