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These benefits of mud therapy would certainly surprise many


Posted on : 11/May/2019 11:24:18

Applying mud on our body!! Unimaginable right!! In this article we are going to discuss about this mud application on our body or mud therapy and its health benefits.

When we were kids we all would have learnt that there are 5 elements of nature and they are earth, water, fire, space and air. The fact is these 5 elements of nature are linked to the possibility of human life on earth. It is important to mention here that these elements have certain compounds, minerals and nutrients that could improve our health.

During the summer season, our hairs as well as our skin get exposed to the scorching heat and as a result of this our hairs and skin gets damaged. Enough care must be taken by us so that our skin and hairs get protected. These days many prefer to have mud therapy because of the fact that it provides many health benefits.

Some amazing health benefits of mud therapy are

Improves our metabolism and circulation:

It is revealed that when mud is applied on our body then our body gets cooled down. In the next step elimination of toxins occur from our body. By this metabolism gets improved and circulation gets increased. Issues like heat strokes are prevented in us.

Relieves headaches and fever:

There are many reasons for headaches in us and these are dehydration, spending long time in heat etc. Thick mud pack is recommended on the head so that headaches caused due to heat strokes get relieved soon. The mud pack could be applied on the abdomen apart from forehead and this could provide relieve from fever.

Constipation is avoided:

By keeping the mud pack on the abdomen, we could get relief from constipation issue. The point is mud pack works as superb stimulant for constipated bowels.

Good to relieve stress:

Majority of us have stress and it might be due to various reasons. By this mud therapy we could get relief from both mental and physical stress because of the relaxing and calming effect got by mud therapy. It must be noted that mud therapy is recommended for nervous disorders.