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Do you suffer from meningitis then try these remedies


Posted on : 25/Apr/2019 09:46:41

There are membranes surrounding our spinal cord and brain. The point is when there is any inflammation caused on the membranes due to an infection, then the person is said to be having meningitis. Different age group persons could get different types of meningitis. It is revealed that meningitis is a condition that causes dysfunction of meninges along with the cerebrospinal fluid.

Meningitis could be due to virus or bacteria. Certain allergies plus chemical reactions could also result in this meningitis issue. Persons having meningitis issue could show symptoms like headache, nausea, vomiting, high fever, stiff neck, muscle pain plus others like seizures, skin rashes, lack of appetite, stomach cramps etc.

Meningitis could be treated in the homes by these ways.

Garlic intake:

It is believed that allicin an active ingredient found in garlic could cure the infection by acting as powerful antioxidants. There would be increase in the T cells in us and finally the bacteria that caused the infection are eliminated. It is said that by taking 3 to 4 garlic cloves or by intake of garlic juice we could be free from meningitis.

Olive leaf extract intake:

Elimination of free radicals and preventing any damages could be got by the substance oleuropin that is present in the leaves of olive. Olive leaf extract contains antiviral and antibacterial property because of the presence of elenoic acid. Hence the growth of the bacteria is avoided.

Cats claw herb:

It is also one superb home remedy to treat meningitis issue. It must be noted that the herb cats claw has got anti-inflammatory components and it cures meningitis. Our body gets strengthened by the immunity boosting property of cats claw herb.


It is known that chlorella is rich in chlorophyll and this chlorophyll has got 20 different types of minerals plus vitamins that could cure meningitis. Red blood cell production gets boosted and oxygenation is elevated. Purification of blood is got.

Astragalus herb:

Our immune system gets boosted by astragalus herb. Various symptoms of meningitis could be managed with this herb. The important point is the root extracts of this herb could be used directly or infused into tea for treating the infection.

 Soya bean milk intake:

Aparart from providing us many health benefits like reduction in the cholesterol level, excess weight loss, avoiding kidney issues etc, intake of soya bean milk could be of superb use in treating meningitis. By consuming soya bean milk our immunity gets boosted.