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Importance of prunes consumption


Posted on : 16/Apr/2019 09:58:21

Also called as dried plums, prunes are freestone cultivators. The truth is not all plums could be dried into prunes. It must be taken into account that the standard variety of plums used for prunes is dAgen. The reason why dAgen variety is used because of the fact that this variety manages to dry off without fermenting whereas other varieties  would ferment over time due to presence of stone intact.

Various nutrients found in prunes are carbohydrates, protein, dietary fibres, folates, niacin, panthothenic acid, Vitamin A, C, E and K. There are also minerals like copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus etc present in prunes and hence intake of prunes is important for our health.

These are the various health benefits of consuming prunes.

Good for eye health:

Lack of vitamin A in us could lead to issues like macular degeneration, dry eyes etc are known. By consuming prunes we could get vitamin A, carotene etc and our overall eye health gets boosted.    

Prevent cancer in us:

Prunes are powerhouses of anti-cancer elements such as selenium, thiamin and riboflavin etc. The plant phenols present in prunes protects various parts of our body from oxidative stress. The amazing fact is the amount of antioxidants present in prunes is higher than those found in blueberries etc. Prunes having antioxidants are superb in preventing onset of cancer.

Good for cardiovascular health:

It is known that prunes are rich in potassium and dietary fibres and these play an important role in the cardiovascular health of a person. Potassium plays a huge role by acting as a vasodilator and is responsible for the proper functioning of nervous system. To ensure adequate regulation of blood to and from the heart, dietary fibre does superbly by removing excess fat deposited in the blood vessels.

Fights anaemia:

Anaemia is caused due to lack or deficiency of iron in us. By consuming prunes, this lack of iron is avoided in us as prunes are loaded with iron plus others like folates, zinc etc.

Digestive health gets better:

The point is intake of prunes could result in healthy bowel movement. Issues like constipation etc are avoided in us. Digestion gets improved.