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Intake of hazelnuts is very important for our health


Posted on : 11/Apr/2019 09:46:17

Also called as filberts, hazelnuts are delicious and highly nutritious nuts belonging to Corylus tree. Mostly grown in places like Turkey, Spain etc, hazelnuts could be consumed either in raw form or in other forms like roasted, grounding into paste etc.

Various nutrients found in hazelnuts are vitamin E, proteins, fibres, carbohydrates, thiamine, magnesium, copper, manganese etc. There are also other ingredients present in lesser amounts like folates, phosphorus, vitamin B6 etc.

Some health benefits of intake of hazelnuts are

Helps in weight loss in us:

Metabolism gets boosted and it helps in loss of weight. The point is there is an increase in the rate at which the calories are burnt and converted to energy. By the intake of hazelnuts, feeling of fullness is achieved as hazelnuts have fibres, proteins etc in them.

Good for heart health:

By increasing the good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol, intake of hazelnuts play an important role. This is due to the fact that hazelnuts have antioxidants plus omega-9 fatty acids in them. The risk of getting heart attacks is lowered as the build up of plaques in the arteries is avoided.

Cancer could be prevented:

The effect of free radicals on the body is lowered by the antioxidants present in the hazelnut. It is known that these free radicals are responsible for cancer. Intake of hazelnuts could prevent cancer as they have antioxidants called proanthocyanidins in them.

Good for diabetes control:

Our blood sugar levels could be lowered by the intake of hazelnuts and this has been confirmed by some research studies. Insulin sensitivity is improved to a huge extent. It is said that oleic acid in hazelnuts plays an important role in insulin sensitivity increase.

Brain health gets boosted:

Both physical as well as mental health is important for a person. The point is intake of hazelnuts could boost our brain health. This is due to the presence of manganese, copper, folate etc in it.

Bone health is promoted:

Our bones become healthy when we consume hazelnuts having calcium and magnesium in it. Most of us get affected by issues like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in our older age. It is revealed that by consuming hazelnuts we could avoid these bone based issues.

Constipation issue is avoided:

Regular movement of bowels is got when we consume hazelnuts that are rich in fibre. By this constipation issue is prevented in us. By adding bulk to the stools fibres does superbly. Finally stools could be passed easily