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Some superb health benefits of Tahini intake


Posted on : 10/Apr/2019 09:56:17

From toasted ground hulled sesame is got a thick paste or sauce and this is tahini. It is both superb in taste as well as highly nutritious for our health. This tahini could be served directly or as a major ingredient in hummus. Cuisines belonging to Eastern Mediterranean, South Caucasus and Middle East etc use tahini. Various ingredients present in tahini are carbohydrates, fat, protein, water, vitamin A, thiamine, niacin, folate, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, sodium, zinc etc.

These are the health benefits on intake of tahini

Blood Pressure or BP gets lowered:

One important health issue that most of us have is BP or blood pressure. Controlling BP is possible by the potassium present in tahini. Inflammation and BP are lowered by the antioxidants present in tahini.

Good for heart health:

It is known that sesame seeds are used to make tahini. These sesame seeds have plenty of sesamolin and sesamin and these help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Disruptions in our arteries are cleared by tahini and by this our heart health is improved well.

Cholesterol levels in us could be managed:

Our cholesterol levels could be lowered by the phytosterols. It is superb to mention here that though tahini has high fat content it has good fats like mono-saturated fats that could improve our cholesterol profile.

Helps in managing arthritis issue:

Onset of arthritis could be prevented by the intake of tahini having omega -3 fatty acids. Inflammation present throughout the body is reduced by the presence of omega- 3 fatty acids.

Good for bone health:

It is said that by consuming tahini our bone health could be improved to a great extent. This is because tahini has got minerals like calcium, iron, copper, phosphorus etc. Bone density gets improved by intake of tahini plus issues like osteoporosis etc could be avoided in us.

Brain health gets improved:

Development of nervous tissues in the body is possible by the presence of both omega-3 fatty acids and omega -6 fatty acids. Our health of the brains is improved and age related issues like Alzheimers diseases etc are avoided easily. Our nerve and brain functions could become more efficient by the manganese present in this tahini.

Cancer coululd be prevented:

There are many antioxidants present in tahini and these help in fighting against cancer. Lignans present in tahini could help in lowering the risk of getting uterus cancer/breast cancers/prostate cancer etc.