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Slow eating for faster weight reduction


Posted on : 15/Mar/2019 10:38:00

Yes, losing weight is tough! It is due to this fact that people who wish to shed kilos hunt for tricks and ideas and shortcut methods for fat burning. While there are too many diet options and workouts on one side, there are effective alternate methods that silently help you shed kilos. One such trick is to eat slowly. Eating slowly is not just going to help you reduce kilos, but is also a healthy way to imbibe on your food.

How long should you spend towards eating your meal? According to experts, it is necessary for us to chew the food for at least 15 to 20 seconds before it is swallowed in. That said, you at least need 20 minutes of your time to finish off a meal. If you are a fast eater, try to trim the meal content. Reduce the pace. Start with salads and then move on to side dishes and then followed by the main course.

Benefits of slow eating

As you eat slow, your stomach will send signals to your brain at the right time when your tummy gets full so that you never overeat than what your body demands. According to studies, those who gulp their food have 155 percent increased possibility of getting obese as compared to slow eaters. Just because of eating fast, they tend to gain a lot of weight. Often times, they end up eating a lot more than really needed for their body.

You are going to eat less with slow eating, it is also likely that you will eat lesser quantity. Basically, our appetite and calorie intake are all controlled by our hormones. As we finish off our food, the hormone called ghrelin gets suppressed. This hormone is responsible for controlling our hunger. It would signal the brain that the stomach has had enough. In response to this, the brain would instruct to reduce the appetite.

Feeling fuller while eating too fast is directly associated with overeating, eating slow is directly linked with decreased amount of consumption. Also, as you eat at a slower pace, you tend to feel satisfied quicker.

The method to get adapted to slower eating

The basic of slow eating is to keep chewing the food for longer seconds before you swallow. It will aid a lot in weight loss and bring down the overall calorie intake.

There are studies that claim that not chewing the food properly is a reason for obesity. So ultimately, chewing food well before swallowing gives you a lot of health benefits not just in reducing weight, but also in other aspects as well.