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Some natural remedies for keeping our kidneys healthy


Posted on : 15/Mar/2019 09:50:50

Just like brain, heart, liver, lungs etc, kidneys are highly important to us and we must take care of our kidneys too.  It is known that kidneys are bean shaped and they play an important role in flushing out toxins. Sometimes our kidneys get damaged and as a result of that we could get what is known as chronic kidney disease. Kidney failure is a term that is given when our kidneys stop to function due to damage caused by chronic kidney disease.

There are some remedies that we must follow for our kidneys to function well and for the health of the kidneys to be good. These are

Intake of plenty of water:

Flushing out bacteria from our body is done by drinking plenty of water. For good health of kidneys, drinking atleast 8 glasses of water is a must.

Do not drink alcohol, coffee etc:

It is said that poor kidney functioning could be due to sedentary lifestyle. Filtering out harmful toxins from us is done by kidneys and by the intake of coffee or alcohol kidneys need much more effort to filter out toxins.

Intake of vitamin C foods:

By working as a powerful antioxidant that protects tissues in the body with oxidative stress, vitamin C plays a huge role. There are few foods like citrus fruits, bell pepper, cucumbers and tomatoes etc that are rich in vitamin C. By intake of these foods the health of our kidneys are well maintained.

Intake of parsley juice:

For our kidney health to be superb then intake of parsley juice is a must. Intake of this parsley could make us to urinate more thereby resulting in flushing out of toxins.

Consumption of cranberry juice:

The point is consumption of cranberry juice does amazingly for the health of our kidneys. UTI could be avoided in us by the intake of this juice.