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Can Neem cure cancer? What do researches say?


Posted on : 12/Feb/2019 15:23:29

A cancer diagnosis? Thats of course scary and trembling to you! There are a lot of lifestyle practices that can cause cancer. A healthier, chemical-free life is all you need to keep cancer at bay. There should be no danger of toxins at all. All you need is to prevent yourself. When you choose to go natural, you are sure to be safe without any kind of side effects.

There are a lot studies and researches going on to discover new ways to prevent cancer both using medicines and natural ways. Among these cures is the use of neem leaves.

According to a recent study result, it is found that consuming neem leaf regularly would prevent the risk of cancer and also keep you protected from the disease. The research was conducted at Hyderabad recently where the neem tree was also tested and its efficacy to fight cancer was studied. It is found that neem leaves have Nimbolide which is a type of strong phytochemical. It has got a lot of cancer-fighting properties. This compound was tested in lab and discovered that there is substantial betterment in prostate cancer, pancreas cancer and throat cancer. The success rate in curing these cancers were immense. Yogi Sadhguru who is a spiritual leader also affirms this fact.

Benefits of neem leaves

Apart from the cancer fighting properties, in our households, neem has been used as an integral part. Ayurveda calls Neem as Sarva Roga Nivarini which means healer that can end all sorts of health ailments. Neem has a number of healing properties held intact. Right from treating injuries to avoiding skin disorders and infections, and detoxifying the body and preventing various forms of gastric ailments. Than being just a leaf, Neem is a medicinal plant. Neem is often called as the modern medicine miracle or panacea.

Furthermore, Neem also rectifies the side effects caused by radiations and chemotherapy and increases immunity in ones body. As the body gets subjected to various cycles of chemotherapy, the immunity in our body gets compromised. You will be able to develop a better gut health by simply consuming neem leaves in ground form or as concoction. The cells get stronger and it also reduces the likeliness of inflammation that primarily causes cancer. It provides the body with anti-oxidants and enzymes and thus prevents regeneration.

Neem as anti-cancer drug

Still, the use of neem to prevent caner is being tested. Of course, it is a fact that the extracts from neem contain the necessary components that are helpful in cell reproduction. Neem basically keeps the body safe, says Sadhguru. On the other hand, we also need to look at the flip side of neem. Neem is a natural spermicide i.e. sperm killer. And hence pregnant women are advised not to consume neem in any form during their pregnancy as doing so will probably kill the developing fetus.