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For healthy gums and strong teeth take these foods


Posted on : 08/Feb/2019 09:51:47

Who doesnt want healthy gums and strong teeth? Just similar to our health, the oral hygiene is very important and for this we must brush our teeth regularly and clean the gaps between our teeth etc.  The truth is there are few foods available that could make our oral health better. It is now said that by consuming these foods we could have strong teeth plus keep the oral diseases away and make our gums healthy.

Foods that must be consumed are

Intake of cheese:

It is revealed that by consuming cheese our gums and teeth gets strengthened because of the presence of calcium in the cheese. Formed by coagulation of milk protein casein, cheese is a dairy product is known. It is superb to consume hard aged cheese for our oral health to be good.

Intake of milk:

Rich in calcium and other nutrients, milk is widely consumed by us. The acid levels in the mouth are lowered by the milk and issues like tooth decay are avoided. Oral health is maintained.

Intake of black and green tea:

We all know that intake of black and green tea could be highly beneficial for our health. Not many know that they are also good for our oral health. The polyphenols in black and green tea does tremendously in reducing bacteria and toxic products of bacteria in the mouth. It is said that for the strong teeth fluoride is very essential and this is provided by the tea.

Intake of nuts:

Our teeth and gums get good strength when we consume nuts rich in calcium and phosphorus etc.  Nuts like almonds, walnuts and cashew nuts etc are superb in fighting against bacteria that leads to tooth decay in us.

Intake of carrots:

Belonging to the family Apiaceae and rich in minerals and vitamins, carrots are superb for our teeth and gums.

Intake of raisins:

Either consumed in raw form or cooked form, raisins are dried grapes. It is worthy to note that raisins have phytochemicals like oleanolic that kill bacteria responsible for the dental cavities in us. By the intake of raisins our teeth as well as gums are kept in healthy condition.