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Why intake of Taro leaves is important?


Posted on : 07/Feb/2019 10:47:13

In south-east Asia and in southern parts of India we could come across a tropical plant called colacasia esculuntus or taro. It must be noted that both leaves as well as roots of this taro plant could be consumed by us. The taro plant has got heart shaped leaves and these leaves are deep green in colour. It is said that when cooked these leaves taste like spinach.

This colacasia or taro plant has got many ingredients such as folates, protein, carbohydrates, fibres, calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc plus vitamins like A,C, E, K etc. Therefore the consumption of taro leaves is highly beneficial for our health.

Health benefits got by intake of taro leaves are

Cancer is prevented:

The presence of vitamin C in taro or colacasia leaves plays a huge role in cancer prevention. It is said that vitamin C has the capacity to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumours plus it reduces the progress of cancer cell proliferation.

Good for eye health:

Health of our eyes is very important. The vitamin A that is present in taro leaves play a superb part in the health of the eyes. Good vision is maintained plus age related issues like macular degeneration are avoided.

BP gets lowered and heart health improved:

Saponins, tannins, carbohydrates and flavonoids in taro leaves are fantastic and they reduce blood pressure of BP effectively. The truth is high BP could lead to strokes and heart issues etc in us. Hence consumption of taro leaves is of huge benefit for heart also.

Immune system gets boosted:

Our immune system could get boosted by the intake of taro leaves having rich amounts of vitamin C in it. By providing the much needed vitamin C, immune system could fight against the pathogens efficiently.

Diabetes is avoided:

This is also one amazing health benefit we could get by the intake of taro leaves. Many people have diabetes issues in them. It is brought out that the anti-diabetic activity of ethanol extract of colacasia or taro leaves reduces the blood glucose levels. Weight loss is prevented. It is well known that diabetes when untreated could damage our kidneys.