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These could help us in managing heartburn issue


Posted on : 06/Feb/2019 10:01:04

Sometimes we could feel burning sensations in the chest behind our breastbone and this is termed as heartburn. The important point is the discomfort arises in the chest and might radiate to neck, throat etc. Regurgitation of gastric acid into the oesophagus is responsible for this heartburn.

It must be noted that heartburn is a main symptom of GERD or gastro esophageal reflux disease. Some changes in our lifestyle could help us to manage this heartburn issue.

By these ways we could manage this heartburn issue.

Managing our weight:

This is one important way to manage heartburn issues. It is said that the contents of our stomach could be pushed up into the oesophagus when there is belly fat or pregnancy etc. By losing belly fat or stomach fat, heartburn symptoms could reduce well. Doing exercise and eating fibre rich foods etc could lower the weight.

Not eating certain foods:

Foods like spices, deep fried fatty foods, tomatoes, mint, chocolates etc must be avoided so that we do not get acid reflux. It is advisable to consume fluids like buttermilk, coconut water etc.

Avoid lying down immediately after food:

Heartburn could increase when we lie down soon after consuming food. By walking for some time and then going to bed would be good for the health. Please do not do tough exercises after taking food.

Taking care in clothing:

It is important that we should not wear belts or tight clothes etc around our waist as they might squeeze our stomach and force food up and create acid reflux and heartburn.

Say no to certain drinks:

The truth is many of us drink coffee, tea, sweetened beverages etc. It is revealed that by avoiding these drinks plus alcohol the issue of heartburn could be prevented easily in us. Drinking plenty of water is must after each meal to wash acids back down into stomach.

Don’t eat late during nights:

Worsening of acid reflux takes place when we consume heavy meals at night time. It is important to note that we must avoid taking meals or snack within 3 hours of lying down to sleep.