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For detoxification process, consume these foods without fail


Posted on : 05/Feb/2019 10:18:01

How many of us know what ‘detox’ is? The process of eliminating unhealthy foods to get rid of toxic substances from our body over a period of time is termed as detox or detoxification. The aim of detoxification is to optimize the functions of important organs like liver and kidneys and this need arises because of our modern lifestyle and intake of unhealthy foods. It must be taken into account that these two exposes our body to various toxic substances. By replacing processed foods with foods rich in vitamins, nutrients, minerals etc plus intake of fibre rich foods detoxification could be supported.

There are few foods that would support the detoxification process in us and these foods are

Turmeric intake:

Intake of turmeric is very important. The presence of cucurmin in turmeric is superb and this is a phytochemical and a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. To process the metabolic waste, turmeric supports liver and it also stimulates gallbladder to produce bile. This bile helps in liver cleansing and in other liver functions.

Apple intake:

By supporting the liver functions, detoxification takes place when we eat apple. The presence of malic acid in apples acts as cleansing nutrient and it removes carcinogens. Our cholesterol is removed by pectin present in the apples and it pushes away the toxins present in our body.

Ginger intake:

The superb piece of information about ginger is it is the most recommended ingredient in the cleansing and detox recipes. Ginger is a superb anti-inflammatory and antioxidant food. By intake of ginger, our digestion would be improved plus there would be improved circulation and nausea would be relieved due to food poisoning.

Garlic intake:

By activating liver detox enzymes, garlic does tremendously. It is a fact that garlic has got 39 anti-bacterial agents. It is known that the harmful bacteria in our intestines could produce toxins in GI tract. The allicin compound in ginger destroys the harmful bacteria.

Walnuts intake:

The truth is walnuts intake could help in supporting detox functions. By flushing out the toxic by products of ammonia and alcohol, walnuts play an important role. The arginine in the walnuts does this effectively.