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Health benefits of banana flowers


Posted on : 20/Dec/2018 10:06:16

We all would have been familiar with the health benefits of consuming banana isn’t it!!

This article is about the importance of consuming banana flower. It is known that from the banana tree maroon or purple coloured flower blossoms and this is banana flower. These banana flowers are often used as Jerry can covers in many rural places. Just like the banana fruit, banana flower is loaded with many nutrients. The banana flower has been used to treat many disorders in the Ayurvedic and herbal remedies also. Banana flower has dietary fibres, iron, calcium, copper etc in it. Therefore intake of banana flowers is very important for our health.

These are the various health benefits we get by consuming banana flower

Treating anaemia:

This is one fantastic health benefit we get by intake of banana flower. Deficiency of iron leads to anaemia is a known fact. Iron is present in high amounts in banana flower and this iron keeps the blood cells production healthy. By the production of RBCs in us anaemia is treated or avoided.

Treating of menstrual disorders:

Irregular periods, excessive bleeding and extreme pelvic pain are some major issues many women face. Intake of banana flowers could regulate the hormones and reduce these issues in a woman.

Good for lactation:

Stimulation of milk ducts in new mothers is possible by the presence of certain nutrients in banana flower. By this more milk would be produced.

Treatment of diabetes:

The issue of diabetes has become very common now. It is said that intake of banana flowers could lower the blood sugar levels to a considerable extent. Symptoms of diabetes would be brought under control.

Uterine health gets improved:

The walls of the uterus get strengthened by iron, calcium and copper present in banana flowers. By this infections in the uterus are avoided and fertility is improved.

Constipation is relieved:

Dietary fibres present in the banana flower plays a great role here. Bowel movement is improved and waste would pass through the intestine easily. Issues like constipation, piles are reduced in us. Banana flower has got 5.7gms of dietary fibre.

Helps in controlling BP in us

Blood pressure results due to increase in sodium levels and reduction in potassium levels in the blood. Heart beat is increased and finally BP would be increased. Potassium rich foods like banana flower etc could provide solution to this and our BP would be controlled or maintained well.