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These are highly effective in treating goitre


Posted on : 07/Dec/2018 17:49:53

Lack of Iodine in us could lead to what is known as goitre which is abnormal enlargement of thyroid glands. The swelling on the neck or voice box occurs in us. There are two types of goitre like diffuse goitre and nodular goitre. Few symptoms are observed in persons having goitre and these are coughing, swallowing difficulties, huge swelling present on the base of the neck etc. It is shocking to mention that goitre could be present from the birth also. People mostly go for the medical treatment for treating goitre. There are also many home remedies available that could be used to treat goitre effectively.

These are the various home remedies for goitre.

Intake of virgin coconut oil:

The lauric acid is present in huge amounts in coconut oil and this lauric acid could reduce the swelling. Monolaurin is formed inside us when we consume lauric acid in coconut oil. The antimicrobial properties of monolaurin play a huge role in the iodine absorption from the food. The swelling gets reduced by the anti-inflammatory properties of virgin coconut oil.

Application of castor oil:

Goitre swelling could be lowered by the castor oil having anti-inflammatory properties in it. In the first step, small amounts of castor oil is taken and applied on the swollen portion of the neck in a circular motion. The oil is allowed to stand overnight. This process is repeated.

Using dandelion leaves:

Dandelion belongs to family called Asteraceae and they are found mostly in Eurasia and North America etc. The leaves of dandelion are regarded as powerful healers. In the first step, two or three dandelion leaves are taken and paste is made out of them. To the paste is added one teaspoon of ghee or clarified butter and the combination is warmed. This is then applied over goitre in the neck and allowed to remain for 15 minutes. Finally it is rinsed off with water. This process is repeated twice daily for a period of 2 weeks for better results.  

Intake of apple cider vinegar:

For maintaining and balancing pH level in the body, mild acidic nature of vinegar is superb. Absorption of iodine and reduction in the goitre symptoms takes place. In the first step, one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is taken and is mixed with half teaspoon of honey in water. This solution must be consumed every morning in an empty stomach.

Intake of water cress:

Aquatic or semi- aquatic perennial plant watercress is seen growing mostly in Europe and Asia. This watercress is also called as yellow cress. The goitre swelling in the neck could be treated well by this watercress having iodine. The size of the swelling gets reduced by the antioxidants present in the herb. Two teaspoons of dried watercress is mixed with water and then it is consumed.

Using bentonite clay:

This is an effective remedy to treat goitre due to its ability to absorb the toxins from the goitre. The swelling would be reduced well. In the first step, water is added to bentonite clay and smooth paste is formed. Then this paste is applied on the neck having swelling and it is allowed to dry. Later the neck is washed well with water.  

Intake of dried kelp:

It is well known that kelp is large brown algae seaweed found growing in shallow oceans. The function of our thyroid gland gets improved by the iodine in the seaweed. Balance in the thyroid levels is got by kelp. This dried kelp could be mixed with smoothie and consumed. Please take care not to consume dried kelp for longer time periods as it might increase the thyroid hormone levels.