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Health benefits of millet (Ragi)


Posted on : 02/Dec/2018 12:14:39

Millet is one of the prominent items in the category of small grains. It is known as kezhvaragu in Tamil and also has other names like keppai, ragi, and ariyam.

This small rain was first introduced in India around 4000 years ago. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are the leading producers of this finger millet in India.

This grain is grown mostly in the hot and medium hot zones of lands. Apart from being grown in large quantities in India, finger millet is also grown in Africa, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan, and China.

In India, finger millet is grown in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Odisha, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh especially in the mountainous domains.

Millet’s Health benefits

To get healthy bones – Millet is rich in Calcium. This helps strengthen the bones. Calcium, which is an essential element required for healthy bones in children as well as grown-ups and senior citizens, is available in the natural form in millet.

To reduce body weight – Millet contains a chemical – an amino acid – tryptophan reduce the feeling of hunger. So, the body weight will be kept under check. As millet takes a longer time to digest, the habit of taking additional calories of food can be avoided. Further, the substantial fibre content in millet gives a hunger-satisfying feeling. This would prevent taking large quantities of food.

Controls diabetes  – The plant-produced chemicals contained in millet delay quick digestion. This helps check the sugar level in the blood of the diabetics. Hence, it is ideal for the diabetic to include millet in their diet without fail.

To get rid of the excess fat in the blood – As millet is rich in amino acids like Lecithin and Methionine, it helps to remove the excess acids in  the liver and keeps fat content in check

Control Anaemia – Millet is naturally rich in iron content. So, taking sufficient quantities of millet cures the complaint of anaemia.

Cures body fatigue – Millet is a natural cure which gives rest to the body. This helps to reduce anxiety, mental tension, and sleeplessness. Mille is also an ideal cure for headache/migraine.

Proteins and amino acids – Amino acids play a very prominent role in ensuring the proper functioning of the body and also refreshing the damaged tissues. Millet also helps check and maintain nitrogen level in the body.

Helps control high blood pressure - By dry roasting g millet and including in the regular food items, complaints such as high blood pressure, liver-related complaints, heart-related diseases, asthma, and the new mothers unable to breastfeed their infants. Thus, millet is a veritable grain which can be called an excellent tonic!

In the earlier ages, human society lived with the organic and naturally grown grains and food items and managed to lead a complaint-free, healthy life. However, in today’s lifestyle of mechanical living, shortage of time, mental and job burden, and the outlook considering that money is the most supreme have all contributed the people to forget entirely about natural/organic food and prefer artificial food items.

Hence, though we may not be able to return the old lifestyle entirely, it is always better to include small grains as food items in our regular food which will help prevent the body from the clutches of diseases while at the same time, imbibe the extra strength required and lead a pleasant, sweet, and healthy life!