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Take care about these warning signs of poor blood circulation in us


Posted on : 12/Nov/2018 5:25:58 PM

When you get cut or when there is a wound in the body etc, a red coloured liquid comes out and this is blood. This blood is present in both in the humans and in the animals. The blood plays an important role in transportation of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and in the removal of metabolic wastes from the cells. Poor blood circulation in us could be due to 2 major factors. They are atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries and PAD or peripheral artery disease. Do not take it lightly when there is poor blood circulation as it could result in other issues like heart attack, strokes etc.

There are few warning signs of poor blood circulation that we must know.

Pain in the legs while walking:

Pain or cramping of leg muscle takes place in those persons having poor blood circulation. The pain occurs while walking or climbing stairs etc. This is one of the most important warning signs of poor blood circulation.

Feeling of numbness and weakness:

While moving or sitting still, arms and legs would feel numb and weak. These symptoms might come suddenly and would be accompanied with slurred speech, drooping facial muscles etc. This would indicate that there is low blood circulation to brain.

Feeling of coldness, swelling etc:

For no reason the hands, legs etc could feel cold all the time and this is sure sign of having poor blood circulation. Sometimes coldness is felt in one hand, leg only and it could be due to PAD or atherosclerosis causing low blood circulation.

Presence of non-healing sores:

A person with poor blood circulation might have sores in hands or legs and these sores dont heal. This is also one important warning sign. Ulcers on hands or legs heal very slowly.

Skin colour changes:

The skin present in the hands, legs etc change its colour and look shiny. This indicates that the blood circulation is poor. Sometimes the legs and hands might turn pale or bluish in colour.

Pain in the chest:

Angina or chest pain and other symptoms of heart attack indicate the poor blood circulation in the arteries to the heart. Dont forget to consult a doctor when this happens to avoid further complications.

Erectile dysfunction:

This could be due to many reasons and poor blood circulation is also one important cause for this issue in many men.  Poor blood flow to groin and other low extremities due to clogged or blocked arteries could lead to erectile dysfunction issue.

Weak pulse in legs:

Pulse in legs could become weak due to poor blood circulation caused due to PAD or atherosclerosis. So be careful.

Reduced cognitive ability:

Our brain needs blood for functioning well and poor blood circulation could lower the mental abilities. If a person is not able to think clearly or having poor memory then that person is said to have poor or low blood circulation.

Loss of appetite:

To digest food and to transport nutrients from the intestines to rest of the body, GI needs blood supply. Digestion could get impaired when there is poooor blood circulation and there would be loss of appetite etc.

Appearance of dark circles around eyes:

Sometimes dark circles appear around our eyes and make us sad and disappointed. There are many reasons for dark circles and puffiness around our eyes and poor blood circulations is one reason.




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