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Know these ways to treat diabetic kidney disease that occurs in us


Posted on : 07/Nov/2018 12:08:32

Called as diabetic nephropathy or DN, diabetic kidney disease is chronic loss of kidney functions in people having diabetes issue. Here the glomeruli get damaged and it results in the loss of proteins in the urine. This could result in low serum albumin with body swelling or edema. It is said that this DN or diabetic nephropathy is one major issue present in people affected with diabetes and almost one-third of those with diabetes have diabetic nephropathy in them. The important piece of information is the onset of the symptoms that occurs 5 to 10 years after the beginning of this disease.

Few symptoms that would be seen in the persons affected wit this diabetic kidney disease are  frequent urination in the nights, tiredness, headaches, feeling of illness, nausea, vomiting etc

There are few ways to treat the people having diabetic kidney disease or DN.

Cutting down on high protein meat: Intake of high protein meat could make the kidneys doing more work. Hence it is essential to cut down on the intake of high protein meat so that we could be free from this DN or diabetic kidney disease.

Intake of more plant based proteins: This is also an important way by which diabetic kidney disease could be treated effectively. Plant based proteins are good sources of amino acids. Some sources of plant proteins are nuts, tofu, beans etc.

Lowering the intake of salt: High blood pressure occurs when more salt is consumed by us. The high BP could result in kidney disease getting worse. By the intake of salt free herbs or spices, lemon instead of salt we could treat DN issue effectively.

Intake of iron rich foods: The iron content in us could get lowered due to kidney disease and hence intake of iron is very important. Those foods that are rich in iron content must be consumed by us. Few examples are lentils, beans etc.

Intake of more fibre rich foods:

Whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal etc could be highly beneficial as these have high fibre content in them.

By reducing high cholesterol:

Intake of certain drugs called statins could lower the high cholesterol and protein in the urine gets reduced by this.  This is also one way to treat diabetic nephropathy or diabetic kidney disease.

Diagnosis of diabetic kidney disease:

Certain tests are conducted to know whether a person has got diabetic kidney disease in him or her. These tests are blood tests, urine tests, imaging tests, kidney biopsy etc.