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Price Regulations of essential Diagnostic tests by Health Ministry


Posted on : 17/May/2018 13:00:11

The Central Health Ministry is planning to regulate the Price charges for the health diagnostic tests that are considered as universal basic entity parameters of the Human Diagnosis.

EDL- Essential Diagnostics List is the basis for this planning of preparing the nation-level list for the basic diagnostic levels in many cases of medicinal approaches. Like the essential medicine list the diagnostic list will be regulated in terms of fixed prices through National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority under Government of India.

WHO- World Health Organization came up with a list mentioning the essential diagnostic tests in accordance with the total health care and treatment development and improvement. There are about 58 primary tests conducted on main healthcare centers and 55 tests on secondary laboratories. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research the recent WHO list will act as a base document guiding the nations to produce their own list depending the varied geographical and financial considerations.

The Health Ministry is expected to create a regulatory mechanism in which the prices of medicines and EDL are fixed and kept within the economical extension of the common people in India.

According to the WHO research and publishing of the list of diagnosis tests the first 58 diagnostic tests suited under primary health care hubs are the basics of human health model mainly focusing on blood and urine sample. The secondary list of 55 tests are conducted for exclusive diagnosis like HIV, Tuberculosis, Malaria and Syphilis.

Indian Council of Medical Research organized a meeting in the month of March with Scientists and Researchers from all over the nation embodies with policy making Governmental officials. WHO representatives were also present in that meeting finalizing some of the important decisions in creating the EDL for Common Health care. After the final round up in August the public announcement of the list will be made by the Health Ministry. The EDL will be sent to all public hospitals and governmental centers for the re-alignment of the price tags.

By the end of 2016, NPPA regulated the prices of 852 medicines including coronary stents and Knee Implants that saved huge amount of money for the consumers. Drugs and Diagnostics became an integral part of the Indian Scenario which has a big population of elderly and sick people. So the regulatory systems for the medicines and diagnostic tests will heavily impact the health care development in the country for the common and under-privileged people.