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Do you know that intake of green chilly seeds provide us many health benefits?


Posted on : 17/May/2018 09:46:33

Spicy flavour in the dishes could be got by the chilly seeds present in the green chillies. These small chilly seeds are rich sources of iron, copper, potassium plus others like vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin A etc.

Not many of us know the fact that consuming green chilly seeds could provide us many health benefits.

Digestive system gets stimulated - It is well known that saliva plays huge role in digestion and this saliva is generated by consuming green chilly seeds. These seeds could be taken in raw or could be taken along with other foods also.

Cholesterol levels get lowered - The presence of phytosterol in green chilly seeds removes plaque in the blood vessels. It also lowers cholesterol levels in us. The cholesterol doesnt build up in the blood vessels or coronary heart.

Aids weight loss in us - Not many know that green chilly seeds could also help in weight reduction in us. Capsaicin present in these seeds increases the metabolism and thus body burns calories at faster rate. By eating more spicy foods we also eat less quantities and that also helps in the control of weights.

Increases immunity - Elimination of free radicals in us is done by the antioxidants present in these seeds. It must be noted that presence of antioxidants like vitamins C, E, K, phytosterol, beta carotene etc boots immunity.

In treating influenza - Cold, fever and cough are various symptoms of flu are well known. By consuming spicy green chilly seeds more sweat comes out plus symptoms of flu are relieved. Sinusitis and other flu symptoms are also reduced by these seeds.

Prevents cancer - This is also one superb benefit of consuming green chilly seeds. The growth of cancer is stopped by the intake of these seeds. Capsaicin in these seeds eliminates the cancer causes plus it also prevents the spread of cancer in us.