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These are the various side effects of wearing high heeled footwear


Posted on : 17/May/2018 09:44:31

These days we see many women around us wearing high heeled footwear as these high heels increase the style quotient of a woman. Some women think that their party ensemble is incomplete without high heeled stilettos. There are certain jobs that require the women to wear high heels as the part of their uniforms. There is a direct relation between high heels and health of legs and it is said that higher the heels worse is the health of the legs. Not many women know that wearing high heels could lead to many side effects in them.

Some of the side effects or health hazards of wearing high heeled footwear are

Lower back pain - This is one major health hazard of wearing high heeled footwear. It must be noted that complete support to the feet is not provided by the high heels. Unequal weight distribution leads to soreness, inflammation plus lower back pain.

Blood vessels get disrupted - It is important to note that high heeled footwear make legs long and thin. A stretch in legs is caused because of this and this would result in the blood vessels getting disrupted. The stress on the foot is very high due to high heels.

More strain in knees - Wearing high heels for longer time causes more strain in the knees. It might also lead to problems such as arthritis in women.  On wearing high heels, the awkward curvature of leg puts more pressure on the knees.

Ligaments get weakened - This is also one important side effects of wearing high heels and the ligaments get weakened. So to protect foot from any injury avoid wearing high heels.

Painful calf muscles - It is said that wearing high heels for long time could create pain in the calf muscles plus it could also lead to the protruding of veins. This increases the pain.