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Skin cancer in us during summers could be prevented by these diet tips


Posted on : 16/May/2018 16:52:07

There are many types of cancers that affect people these days. Skin cancer is one such deadly cancer arising from the skin and it affects many. The 3 main types of skin cancers are basal-cell skin cancers, squamous- cell skin cancer and melanoma.  This skin cancer is mostly due to exposure from the ultra-violet or UV radiations from the sun and the intensity of UV radiations from sun is high during summers.

There are few diet tips that could prevent skin cancer in us during the summer time.

Consuming oats for breakfast - This is superb diet and oatmeal could be consumed for breakfast so that cancerous cells are prevented beneath the skin. Avoid intake of muffins, cereals, samosas etc as these foods are rich on oils and sugars and are not good for the skin cells.

Yoghurt intake is superb - By consuming this yoghurt regularly growth of good bacteria in certain parts of our body is improved. These good bacteria could fight against the agents that are responsible for skin cancer.

Drink coffee - It is now said that by drinking coffee we not only get energised but we might also be able to prevent cancers in skin.  The presence of rich antioxidants in coffee would prevent free radical damage done to the skin by exposure to UV radiations from the sun.

Green leafy vegetables intake - It is well known that consumption of green leafy vegetables like spinach, asparagus and mint leaves etc provides us many health benefits. These green leafy vegetables have vitamin A and C in them and these prevent damage to the skin cells.

Tomato consumption - Summer season and fresh tomato juice go together and is a superb combination. Tomatoes could also be consumed every day by adding to salads. Few health benefits of these tomato consumption are improved immunity, treats indigestion etc. Tomatoes have compounds like pytochemicals and lycopene in them and these prevent skin cancers in us.   

Green tea intake - Most of us consume green tea these days. This green tea provides us many health benefits like stress reduction, weight loss etc due to antioxidant content present in it. Green tea also does superbly in preventing skin cancer.