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These are the various home based remedies for those suffering from peptic ulcers


Posted on : 15/May/2018 12:15:44

Many people around us are getting affected with peptic ulcers is known. This peptic ulcer is nothing but the ulcer of the stomach or duodenum. It is worthy to note that gastric ulcers are peptic ulcers in stomach and duodenal ulcers are peptic ulcers in duodenum. Infection from bacteria causes most ulcers.

There are also many other factors that cause peptic ulcers in us. They are frequent intake of aspirin, excess consumption of alcohol, smoking, radiation therapy, genes etc.

Severe pain in the stomach is the major symptom of this peptic ulcer. Other symptoms such as nausea, dark coloured stools, sudden weight loss, chest pain etc are also present in those with this peptic ulcer. Making few changes in our lifestyle plus changes in eating habits could prevent peptic ulcers in us.

These are the various home remedies for treating peptic ulcers. They are

Consuming cranberries - Consuming cranberry juice or consuming cranberries are superb for those with peptic ulcers in them. It is said that extracts of cranberries could help in fighting H. Pylori bacteria.

Honey intake - This honey has got superb antioxidant property and it could stop the growth of H. Pylori bacteria. Soothing as well as preventing ulcers is possible by honey intake.

Have probiotics - The gut bacteria are maintained by consuming probiotics is known. Foods such as buttermilk and yogurt are superb probiotics and must be consumed so that peptic ulcers are avoided.

Intake of garlic - Most of us know that garlic is very important ingredient in making dishes but not many know that garlic also prevents the growth of H. Pylori bacteria in us. Garlic extract in supplemental form could also be taken.

Consume fruits, vegetables and whole grains - Apart from being good for our overall health these fruits, vegetables plus whole grains also help our body in healing peptic ulcers in us.