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Do you know using glycerine provides us many skin benefits?


Posted on : 15/May/2018 10:16:30


Known as glycol or glycerol, glycerine is a natural humectant that has been used by many people for many decades. It is really surprising to mention that this glycerine has been used by the people for their skin even before the advent of many skincare products came into existence. Vegetable glycerine is a thick gelatinous odourless liquid and is generated from the vegetable fat. This glycerine has got a sweet taste.

It is used in the manufacture of soap s plus in many pharmaceutical products. The molecular formula is C3H5(OH)3.

These are the various skin benefits of using this glycerine and these benefits are simply superb.

Treatment of dry skin in us - This is one of the most important benefits of glycerine and women use it to treat their dry skin present in them. The dull skin gets transformed into a fresh and rejuvenated skin by using this glycerine.

As a skin moisturiser - Soft, supple and radiant skin could be got by using glycerine. Using the glycerine with rose water or with normal water and applying to the skin gives superb benefits. This glycerine as skin moisturiser works well for all types of skin and that is fantastic.

Wrinkles and sagging skin are reduced - The anti-ageing property of glycerine plays an important role here. Rose water and glycerine are mixed and could be applied to our skin. The presence of wrinkles and loose skin would be reduced. Direct application of this glycerine and rose water on the face is superb.

Acne scars gets reduced - Dont worry if you have acne scars. Glycerine could treat this issue efficiently. Topical application of glycerine on the scars caused by acne could give better results. Since glycerine suits all types of skins there wont be any sensitive skin breakouts. It is worthy to note that the redness caused by acne would not be present.

Blackheads and whiteheads removal - Many people lose their sleep when they get blackheads or whiteheads etc on their faces. Glycerine could be effective in treating these issues. Glycerine would ensure that these issues would not come once again.

Superb humectant - Glycerine is natural humectant or hygroscopic is known. Therefore it absorbs water and keeps the skin hydrated. For those having dry skin this glycerine is superb.

Helps the skin to glow - This is also one superb benefits of using glycerine. Hyper-pigmentation of skin is prevented and skin becomes bright and it glows.