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Take fruit juices to reduce the severity of summer heat


Posted on : 11/Apr/2018 18:05:34

  • Please avoid the habit of taking ice-cubed cold drinks to counter the summer.
  • The elements of adequate water and salt are very much required during the intense summer seasons. So, it is imperative to take protective measures in the hot period whether in or out.
  • Check and ensure that the food items carry the registration of the government food safety department.
  • The serving stalls should be hygienic. Also ensure that the server and the shop are also hygienic and healthy.
  • Liquid food items such as gruel, porridge, buttermilk, milk, and water must be kept in rust-free vessels.
  • The water used for making ice-cubes must also be pure.
  • Use only pure ice-cubes and fresh and safely-kept fruits.
  • As the fruits tend to rot quite quickly, ensure that they are stored in refrigerated condition.
  • Check and ensure that the expiry dates printed on the labels of the cool drinks, water, etc. are ok.
  • Ensure that the mixer/grinder/juicer used for making juices are totally rust-free and clean.
  • Ensure that clean ladles are used to transfer the fruit juices/water to the serving glasses.
  • Please take the items like fruit juices, gruel, etc., only in glass tumblers or stainless steel tumblers.
  • Ensure to check and follow this procedure while ordering for parceled items.
  • Ensure that overripe/rotten fruits are not used in making juices.
  • Also, ensure that banned colouring agents such as blue/violet are not added in the cool drinks or sherbets.
  • Ensure that the ice-cubes are not preserved in jute sacks or hay.
  • Use the cool drinks and fruit juices while keeping them properly in the refrigerators.
  • Do not use the fruit juices when ice-cubes are directly added.
  • Give due concern to the environmental safety and avoid buying cut-fruits, cool drinks, and fruit juices in polythene bags.