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Shed kilos right while asleep. Here are the tips

Posted on: 22/Dec/2017 2:24:44 PM
Do you know that you can cut down your extra inches right while sleeping? Wondering how? Deep sleep is something you need so much.

It is a proven fact that lack of reason may cause you put on extra inches in your body, especially in the waistline. But if you already have the thought of curling up in the bed for long hours, spending more time this way can in fact help you!

According to a new research, over 74 percent dieters make it a habit to practice regular sleep routine which aid them in losing about 8 pounds easily. A study was recently conducted on 1000 people and discovered that one could maintain healthy waistline with 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

While at sleep, we burn most of our body fat. So, naturally, when we are sleep deprived, it can substantially help you shed kilos.

With interrupted or impaired sleep, one gets into pre-diabetic state thus increasing your hunger in spite of having eaten. This will altogether have put your body weight in havoc state!

Avoid carbs at night

According to experts, blood sugar level tends to increase with food intake rich in carbs and sugars. This naturally delays falling asleep. So, when the blood sugar level dips, you may wake up and find trouble in falling back asleep. When you suffer out of severe stress levels, having low carb and low protein pre-bedtime snacking can come handy around 10 pm.

So, having almond butter or small rye or gluten-free cracker may help.

Munch some cherries

There is small amount of melatonin contained in cherries. This is the hormone that helps in regulating ones bodys sleep cycle, say expert nutritionists.

In spite of the melatonin content in cherries, clinical trials have identified Montmorency cherries, in specific, to increase our bodys melatonin levels and extend sleep time.

Vitamin B rich foods

Foods rich in Vitamin B have got a lot of health benefits. Say, when you consume Vitamin B12, it will help in maintaining healthy levels of melatonin in your body.

Chicken breast or yogurt are rich in Vitamin B.

On the other hand, Vitamin D also helps you fall asleep.

No alcohol, please

Though alcohol helps in putting you asleep, you may only have intermittent sleep throughout the night. It will interrupt the blood sugar level in your body and dip it down in the middle of night. This will boost your adrenaline level and keep you awake.

At the same time, alcohol has got diuretic effect in the body. This will make you stay awake and hit the toilet often and remain thirsty throughout the night.