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Hidden consequences of overeating


Posted on : 11/May/2017 2:33:13 PM

Is overeating a disorder? Yes, it is. It will not have impact on physical health, but reflect as increased stress mentally and emotionally. A few people tend to eat when they get bored or while being too idle. A few others have undesirable habits so as to improve their physical appearance.
When people experience anger, sadness, disappointment, distress or betrayal, they tend to eat. In a few cases, due to medicines you consume or treatments, people feel hungry and eat a lot.
Our body parts get badly damaged due to overeating. Below are some of the excessive compulsive food intake:
Obesity and weight gain:
This is the primary effect of overeating. When you overeat, your muscles experience a lot of stress because your body needs to carry your entire weight. You can easily fall lazy or tired or irritated because or muscular and joint pains.
Those who increase in weight all of a sudden will lose confidence about their appearance and social image. So, their self-confidence and self-esteem gets faded off. They will stay away from all the foods they are fond of and this will in turn create more craving for food.
Due to overeating, people experience emotional distress because of their longing for foods that prevent emotional fulfillment they enjoy after every meal. You often feel like missing a wholesome part from your meal. So, you will be eating more in the long run in order to combat the empty feel. So, when you get depressed, you will eat more to fight the negativity.
You will be feeling more lonely and restless because of electrolyte imbalance and other metabolic malfunctioning. Even the very simple tasks will look as though it is very overwhelming to achieve.
Your relationship with friends and family members and other close circle tends to get affected. The reason is that the other priorities in your life will vanish and the longing for food will prevail.
By eating high calorie food rich in fat, you experience heart disorders and other ailments that will result in damage to your digestive system. Your body may be subjected to allergic reactions due to consuming more food that your system might not cope with.
Your cholesterol levels tend to increase and so will be the blood sugar levels as well.
There is one more risk which is organ malfunctioning due to overeating. The organs like kidney, liver, stomach, etc all of which are involved in digestion will be prone to disorders. 



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