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Tips to prevent food poisoning during the scorching summer


Posted on : 23/Apr/2017 12:37:59

As the summer season is the period when bacteria are born and multiply, there are more frequent incidences of food poisoning complaints during the summer season.

How to avoid/prevent food poisoning?

If a high level of hygiene is maintained in keeping food items and in cooking, food poisoning can be avoided.

For example, if the fridge is not maintained cleanly, the food items kept in it will spread disease-carrying bacteria to the vegetable stored along with them and make them toxic.

Some special steps are to be taken to prevent the bacteria to spread from fridge and kitchen.

Avoid fast food totally in the summer season. In high heat, the bacteria tend to spread faster.

It is better to clean the fridge at least on a week with a good quality cleansing liquid and water. Before eating or cooking, ensure to wash the vegetables and fruits.

Wash the cleaning cloths used in the kitchen regularly. This would prevent fungus or germ formation in those clothes.

When keeping meat inside the fridge, keep it covered and place in the bottom of the fridge. This would prevent spreading of germs and bacteria. Do not keep other food items land vegetables in the section where you keep the meat.

When the right temperature is maintained in the fridge, the vegetables and fruits remain fresh.

Keep separate cutting plates for cutting meat and vegetables. Ensure to wash the meat thoroughly before using it.

If excessive items are kept in the fridge tending to overload it, no proper ventilation will be available thus facilitate the formation of bacteria and germs.The food items will be spoiled. Also, remember to check the expiry date.

Keep the eggs safely ensuring no breakage. It is very important to cook the meat, egg, and milk items thoroughly well and then eat.

When we really take that extra care in cooking and eating, we can easily prevent food poisoning.