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Do you know about these common mistakes or factors that can affect the absorption of vitamin D!!

Posted on: 18/May/2024 9:20:58 AM

We all know that vitamin D is very important for our health. From good bone health to immune function to regulating mood, vitamin D plays a huge role in us. Bitter fact is that despite the availability of vitamin D supplements many of us still struggle with low levels of vitamin D. There are various factors that would affect the absorption of vitamin D in us.

For optimising the levels of vitamin D and our overall health, we must know these without fail

Know if you have magnesium deficiency or not:

For vitamin D absorption, magnesium is very much needed. The conversion of vitamin D into its active form would be impaired when there are insufficient magnesium levels in us. This would lead to reduced effectiveness inspite of supplementation.

Ineffectiveness of supplements due to improper sunlight:

Natural sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. By means of vitamin D supplements, it is possible to compensate for the lack of exposure to sunlight. It is noteworthy that many factors like geographic location, time, season etc would influence the body`s ability to produce vitamin D from sunlight.

Consuming supplements with right kind of food:

The vitamin D is fat soluble and consuming vitamin D supplements with fat soluble foods would enhance the absorption. The absorption of vitamin D would be low when we eat supplements with low fat foods. For optimal absorption of vitamin D, it is advised to take the supplements with foods having healthy fats.

Presence of gut problems:

Vitamin D absorption would get affected by digestive health disorders and conditions affecting gut health. Absorption of fat soluble vitamin D would get impaired due to certain conditions like celiac disease, Crohn`s disease and IBD etc. In this scenario, addressing the gut problems would improve nutrient absorption.

Low levels of vitamin K:

Not many would associate vitamin K with the absorption of vitamin D. It must be noted that vitamin K would assist the activation of osteocalcin which is a protein involved in bone mineralisation. Osteocalcin would remain inactive without sufficient vitamin K.

Interference by certain medications:

Vitamin D metabolism would get affected by certain medications also. Medicines like corticosteroids, anticonvulsants, antiretrovirals etc would interfere with the absorption of vitamin D in us. Higher levels of vitamin D supplements would be needed by those persons who take these medicines. It is necessary to consult a doctor and get the vitamin D supplementation adjusted accordingly.

Inadequate intake of vitamin D supplements:

It has been found out that inadequate dosage of vitamin D supplements would also lead to low absorption of vitamin D. There are many persons who fail to take adequate vitamin D supplements. To know the appropriate dosage of vitamin n D supplements, a doctor must be consulted compulsorily.

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