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Having arthritis pain, then please eat these fruits to get relief from the pain!!

Posted on: 04/May/2023 9:21:17 AM
Due to the accumulation of excess uric acid in the body, persons with arthritis issues would have severe pain. It is known that uric acid is a byproduct of purine formed during protein metabolism. The uric acid is usually filtered out by the kidneys and is expelled from the body through urine. The truth is that the kidneys cannot keep up when there is an excess amount of purine. As a result, uric acid would build up in the bloodstream. Later, excess uric acid would form crystals and these crystals would accumulate in the joints resulting in severe pain.  Arthritis, gout, inflammation etc could occur due to high levels of accumulation of uric acid. To regulate the uric acid levels in the body, some changes must be made in the diet.

Fruits that can be consumed to get relief from arthritis pain are

Tomatoes intake:

It is noteworthy that tomatoes have vitamin C in them and they also have superb antiinflammatory properties. Inflammation could be reduced by eating tomatoes. Those with arthritis can consume tomatoes to get relief from the pain.

Citrus fruits intake:

Uric acid levels in the body would get regulated by intake of foods having vitamin C . In fruits like oranges and lemons etc citric acid is present in more amounts  and they would help in detoxification of the body. It is worthy to note that vitamin C would prevent the onset of arthritis.

Cherries intake:

It would be possible to control the uric acid levels in us by consuming cherries. It is believed that the red colour in the cherries anthocyanin has got anti-inflammatory properties that could reduce the joint pain in arthritis patients.

Apples intake:

To reduce the levels of uric acid apples are superb. Point is that apples have dietary fibre in them that would absorb uric acid from the blood.

Avocados intake:

Intake of avocados could also provide superb relief from the arthritis pain. The vitamin E present in this fruits has got anti-inflammatory properties

Water melons intake:

Intake of water melons could provide us with lots of benefits like lowers cancer risk, lowers heart attack risks etc. In addition this fruit can also provide huge relief from arthritis pain.

Grapes intake:

It must be noted that both dark as well as white varieties of grapes have antioxidants and polyphenols etc in them. The compound resveratrol present in the grapes could help in heart health and its anti-inflammatory properties would provide relief from the arthritis pain.

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