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We can manage our high BP very effectively by just eating these fantastic foods!!


Posted on : 19/Jan/2022 9:49:40 AM

One of the common health issues that many of us have nowadays is hypertension or high BP.

The bitter truth is that when the blood pressure becomes very high then it could lead to stroke or heart attacks etc in the person. Many people have stress due to their hectic work schedules plus the Coronavirus pandemic has also increased the stress.

It is important to mention that hypertension refers to the long time force of blood is unusually high on the walls of the arteries. This in turn could result in various other diseases also. There are some symptoms of high BP and there are headaches, nose bleeds, shortness of breaths etc. It is necessary to treat hypertension of high BP immediately and when left untreated it could lead to death also.

High BP in us could be due to various factors like high salt intake, high fatty foods intake, having kidney issues, diabetes and high cholesterol levels etc.

There are various foods that could be consumed to keep hypertension in control. These foods are

Pomegranate intake:

Red coloured pomegranate fruit is rich in antioxidants and in bioactive phenols etc. It is believed that a bowl of fresh pomegranate fruit in the morning could be superb to manage high BP.

Jamun fruit intake:

Narrowing of blood vessels takes place due to high blood pressure. This would then restrict the blood flow. Potassium is present in jamun fruit and is good for the muscles. In addition to controlling high BP, jamun fruit could also control diabetes and cholesterol levels in us.

Beetroot intake:

It is revealed that a glass of raw beetroot juice or a cooked dish containing beet root would reduce high BP effectively. The natural nitrates in the beetroot get converted into nitric oxide by the digestive system.

Garlic intake:

When crushed or chopped, garlic could produce a compound called allicin. This allicin could lower the high BP to a huge extent. It must be noted that hypertensive persons could consume garlic every day for their health.

Methi or fenugreek intake:

Seeds as well as leaves of methi/ fenugreek are rich in fibers, calcium etc. These would lower bad cholesterol leaves and triglyceride levels in us and this would then lower the BP.

Flaxseeds intake:

Many of us would not have known that flax seeds could lower the blood pressure in us. The presence of omega3 fatty acids plus alpha linolenic acid in these seeds would reduce the blood pressure effectively.

Green leafy veggies intake:

There are many green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, cabbage, collard greens etc having potassium, magnesium plus many antioxidants etc. These would reduce hypertension effectively. We could consume green leafy veggies as salads or in the form of sandwiches etc.




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