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Do you know why sleeping while sitting is very dangerous?


Posted on : 23/Oct/2021 9:48:41 AM

While getting sleep is a boon for many and for others it is really an issue!!

It is true that some people would be able to get sleep easily wherever they are and in whatever position they are. While working on the computer or laptop, some of us would have gone into deep slumber. Many of us during the school days would have slept while sitting on the desks during class hours etc. Though, it might be comfortable to sleep while sitting, we might also have felt terrible pain in the back. In addition, we would also have felt shoulder and neck stiffness etc. This could be because of long hours of sitting at the same time being motionless.

For animals, sleeping while standing or sitting might be common, but for humans it is totally different as the body is not accustomed to such practices. It is revealed that being inactive for a long time in the seated position would be harmful to the joints.

There are also chances of us getting severe health issues like deep vein thrombosis or DVT by sleeping for long hours while sitting. It must be taken into note that a thrombus or a blood clot forms in one or more of the deep veins in the body, especially legs. This DVT issue could also be caused when we sleep for long hours in one position without any movements. It is very important to get treated for DVT or else the person could die also. The shocking piece of information is that when a part of a blood clot breaks off and goes to the lungs or brain then there are possibilities of sudden deaths also. It has been brought to light that more than 200 people die every day due to the consequences of blood clots. Various symptoms associated with DVT are swelling and soreness in the calf muscles, ankle or foot, sudden ankle pain etc,

It is true that being motionless in a single position could lead to body as well as back pain in us. We could try some stretching exercises to improve postures, flexibility and prevent stiffness in the joints etc. Our blood circulation would get impaired when we sleep while sitting and our movements could get restricted. We could further get many complications.

Alternative way to sleep while sitting and persons can benefit from this
  • When a person wants to sleep while sitting then he or she could use a recliner. This could be highly beneficial especially for the pregnant mothers who find it difficult to sleep lying down.
  • Those with sleep apnea issues could also benefit by resorting to a recliner while sleeping.
  • Those with gastrointestinal problems could sleep with a recliner as it would ease acid reflux in them. 




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