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Intake of stone fruit could be highly beneficial for us


Posted on : 09/Oct/2021 9:40:26 AM

How many know what a stone fruit is?

A fruit with a large stone inside is stone fruit. This fruit is also known as drupe. The speciality of this fruit is that the seed is present inside the stone. Pit is another name that is given to stone. The stone fruit family includes drupes, nectarines, apricots, plums etc. The fruits could be eaten by us as they are delicious plus good for health. Various ingredients present in stone fruits are vitamin C, fibre content, antioxidants etc.

Various health benefits of eating stone fruits are

Immunity gets boosted:
The presence of vitamin C in stone fruit is highly beneficial to us. Intake of this fruit would boost the immunity. It is known that lower vitamin C levels would make us prone to infections and diseases.

Good for skin health:
The vitamin C in stone fruit also helps in the production of collagen within various skin layers. The damage due to UV radiation could get reduced by vitamin C. Chances of getting skin care gets lowered.

Good for eyesight:
It is said that the orange colour of stone fruits like apricots, peaches etc helps us to have good eyesight. This could be due to the presence of carotenoid content in these fruits.

Good for heart health:
Multiple nutrients present in stone fruit could have a huge impact on our heart health. The cholesterol levels get reduced due to the presence of fibres. Protection against arterial damage would be possible due to the antioxidant properties of various micronutrients. Our blood pressure gets regulated due to the inflammatory effects of stone fruits.

Promotes digestive health:
Our digestive health would get better by intake of stone fruits having fibre content. Bowel movements in us would become easy and frequent plus by consuming stone fruits. We could also get protection against cancers associated with the digestive system.

Fights against metabolic syndrome:
The risk of getting issues like heart diseases, strokes, diabetes etc could be due to metabolic syndrome. The phenolic groups present in stone fruits would fight against metabolic syndrome.

Protects against cancer:
By consuming stone fruits, we could reduce the chances of getting certain types of cancers in us. This could be due to the phytochemicals in stone fruit that would protect cells against damage.

Helps in slsleep:
Sleeping well is very important for any person and by the intake of stone fruits like cherries we could get sound sleep. It must be noted that cherries are rich in melatonin that would make us sleep well.

Lowers muscle pain:
It is believed that cherry juice could lower muscle pain in us. This has been proved by some research studies. This could be due to its anti-inflammatory properties. 




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