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Men must never ignore these health issues, take care please!!


Posted on : 04/Oct/2021 9:53:17 AM

It is true that many men usually avoid going for health checkups to get tested thinking that they are very healthy. Point to be noted here is that feeling healthy is not actually being healthy. Things could get complicated by ignoring the heath because the health might worsen also.

There are few health issues men must not ignore and must consult a doctor immediately.

Difficulty in passing urine or urine colour change:
Men must know that when their urine is different in colour than the normal, when they have the need to go to bathrooms more frequently and pass with some difficulty then it is not normal. Blood in the urine could reveal the presence of some infection in them. Not only that, early signs of prostate cancer or kidney stones etc are also shown by blood in the urine.

Chest pain with issues in breathing:
Cardiac issues are revealed by the chest pain plus breathing difficulties. So, men must be careful regarding this. Point is that any unusual chest pain, breathing issues with profuse sweating, erratic heartbeats etc must be checked without fail. It is better to go for preventive checkups early if the issue is present in the family. So, please be careful.

Presence of unusual mole or lump in genitals:
Not everyone can talk openly about their issues in the gentials and it is obvious many feel shy to come out with their issues regarding their sex organs. Men must check if there is any unusual mole or lump present in their genitals as it might lead to cancer later on.

Erectile dysfunctions:
It must be noted that erectile dysfunction is a common issue in men. Truth is that most men do not consider it seriously because this issue could be due to an underlying health condition. Important piece of information is that erectile dysfunction in men could be due to kidney problems, neurological disorders, uncontrolled diabetes etc.

Excess thirst:
Men must drink 2 litres of water per day and hydrate themselves. It is believed that men experiencing excessive thirst could be due to hyperglycemia. This is a sign of diabetes. It is important to note that men who have diabetes issues in their families must take enough precautions and get themselves tested. It must be taken into account that diabetes could be managed well if detected in the early stage itself by eating the right diet and making changes in lifestyle etc.

Memory loss:
Fact is that the majority of men would experience some loss of their memory due to their ageing. Any drastic memory loss should not be ignored and it could be due to brain infections, stroke, Alzheimers diseases, dementia etc.  Nutritional d deficiency like vitamin B12 could also lead to memory loss.




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