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Surprising benefits of eating nutrients-rich dragon fruit!!


Posted on : 30/Sep/2021 9:27:24 AM

The outer skin of the fruit looks cactus-like (resembling scales of mythical dragon) and hence it is given the name dragon fruit. Various other names given to dragon fruit are pitaya, pithaya, strawberry pear etc.

This fruit is mostly seen growing in the subtropical regions of Asia and southern America etc. Dragon fruit is rich in many nutrients and that is indicated by the vibrant green and reddish-pink hues. Various nutrients present in this fruit are iron, calcium, phosphorus plus vitamins like C, B1, B2 etc.

There are many health benefits we could get by eating this dragon fruit and they are

Superb immunity booster:
The dragon fruit is rich in antioxidants and due to this the free radical activity in the body gets reduced and oxidative stress gets lowered. The immunity in us would become more and we would be able to keep away various diseases.

Rich in dietary fibres:
By eating dragon fruit rich in dietary fibres, we could feel full for a longer duration. This would reduce our appetite. We would not gain weight easily. In addition, our digestive heath would become better by eating dragon fruit.

Blood sugar control:
In diabetes patients, some cells in pancreas become inactive and don’t function well by producing insulin. It is believed that by eating dragon fruit these inactive cells would get replaced. This has been revealed by some study. The dietary fibre present in this fruit would help in the control of the blood sugar levels.

Improves our gut health:
When we consume dragon fruit then the healthy bacteria present in the gut would feed on the pre-biotics present in the dragon fruit. This would improve our gut health.

Rich in iron:
For the transport of blood to various organs in the body, iron is needed by us. Truth is that many people are deficient in iron and by consuming dragon fruit that has vitamin C and iron blood gets transported to various organs.

Good for heart health:
It is true that intake of dragon fruit could reduce our bad cholesterol levels. This would in turn keep our heart in good health.

Reduces arthritis:
Consuming dragon fruit could help us to overcome the symptoms of arthritis like joint pain, irritation etc. The anti-inflammatory properties of this fruit play a huge role here.

Reduces ageing signs in us:
This is also one important health benefit of dragon fruit. Our skin would be kept tight and young if we eat dragon fruit that are rich in antioxidants.

High source of potassium:
Our bone structure could be maintained by eating dragon fruit rich in potassium and calcium. For cellular, electrical and nervous functions of the body, it is important that we must consume potassium regularly.




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