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By these eating tips, a woman could be free from pain during periods


Posted on : 08/Sep/2021 9:32:30 AM

Women face pain during their periods and this would disrupt their daily course of routine.

Every girl would get her periods for the first time at some point of time in her teenage and it would continue till her mid to late 40’s. Getting periods is normal and it would reveal that the woman is healthy. It is worth mentioning that periods or menstruation is monthly discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from the lining of the uterus. During periods, a woman would have severe abdominal cramps, bloating plus other issues like mood swings, digestive issues etc.  

There are some superb tips that women could follow for her period to be painless. These are

By staying hydrated:
It is important that women during her periods must drink lots of water to be hydrated. Dehydration could lead to issues like headaches, bloating etc. Women could also eat water based foods such as lettuce, watermelons etc to stay hydrated.

By eating iron rich green vegetables:
It is true that a woman would feel sluggish and lethargic if she loses blood containing iron. During periods, some amount of blood is lost is known. Iron levels could get boosted if she consumes green vegetables like kale and spinach etc. Steamed broccoli could also be eaten.

By drinking anti-inflammatory teas:
Teas such as ginger tea, peppermint tea etc would reduce the inflammation and bloating responsible for muscle pain during periods. It must be noted that these above said teas are superb and they do not have any caffeine content. The intake of these teas would reduce muscle spasm in her.

By curbing sweet cravings:
Most women would have cravings for sweets like chocolates during her periods. It is believed that homemade fudge balls obtained by blending dates and raw cocoa powder etc would be a superb alternative to chocolates. The homemade fudge balls are rich in antioxidants, proteins etc. The cravings for sweets would get reduced as antioxidants get boosted in the body.

By eliminating processed foods etc:
Truth is that intake of processed foods etc would lead to an energy spike followed by immediate crash. This would worsen the mood. During periods, it is important that women must keep away from sugar, processed foods etc.

By reducing dairy intake:
The severe pain during periods would get reduced by removing dairy, especially cow’s milk. It must be taken into account that the hormones present in the dairy have a direct relation with the hormonal balance of our body. This would result in abdominal pain during periods.




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