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Parents must take a note of these bad habits that would harm the oral health of their kids


Posted on : 16/Jul/2021 9:07:35 AM

From a young age, maintaining healthy hygiene habits must start. Truth is that the parents take enough care about their kids physical health but not too much care on the oral health of their kids.

Many parents teach their kids to bathe, eat healthy foods etc but fail or forget to teach their kids about brushing their teeth or flossing or scraping their tongue twice daily. Sometimes, a kid might pick up some unhealthy habit while brushing their teeth etc. it might even harm their health. It is the duty of the parents to keep an eye on their kids regarding their oral health. Parents can practise good oral habits with their kids by making kids brush their teeth in the correct way, by making them eat the right foods etc.

These habits that would harm the oral health of their kids must be noted by the parents.

Thumb sucking:
It is common to see kids sucking their thumbs. There is a belief that the babies pick up this habit when they are in the womb of their mother. The structure of the teeth and jaws would be affected if the thumb sucking continues for a long time. Whenever a baby sucks his or her thumb, the tongue pushes the teeth. This could lead to protrusion of their front teeth and deformity might result in teeth and mouth. Parents make their kids know about this and stop their kids sucking thumbs.

Taking feeding bottle to bed:
While putting their babies on the bed, many parents give feeding bottles to their babies to soothe the crying baby. This habit is very bad if it continues for a long time. Babies could get tooth decay, pain and mouth infections. It is also brought out that this might also be the cause for early tooth decay in kids. This issue could be avoided by feeding the baby early and wiping their mouth well.

Biting finger nails:
Teeth present in the kids might chip, crack and wear due to continuous biting of finger nails. So, parents must be careful when their kids do this. In addition to the above said issues, gum tissues could also get damaged if the kid bites its fingernails. There is also a possibility of bacteria present on ten fingernails entering the kids mouth leading to few issues.

Teeth grinding:
One of the highly common bad habits present in kids is teeth grinding. Many kids do this due to their genetic predisposition, mal-positioned teeth, deficiencies etc. With these teeth, kids might also lose the teeth sometimes.  This is regarded as a complex issue in the kids and help of a specialist must be sought.

Over brushing or hard brushing:
It is okay if the kid brushes the teeth gently for a shorter time and this would remove all the bacteria and plaques. It must be noted that over r brushing or hard brushing is dangerous and it might damage the enamel and dental sensitivity will increase. Gum tissues could get shrunk by this. So, parents must be careful in this.




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